Specialty: Cooking Oil Spray
Country: United States

PAM®, America's #1 cooking spray, delivers the performance foodservice operators demand. Made with premium canola oil, PAM sprays are low in saturated fat and add no salt, cholesterol or calories to food.
PAM® no-stick cooking spray has been making cooking easier and healthier for over 50 years. A little spray goes a long way. With different varieties available, there's a PAM no-stick cooking spray for every cooking occasion.
PAM® uses a unique blend of oils in its nonstick cooking spray, and this makes all types of cooking, baking — and even grilling — just plain easier. With its great no-stick and virtually no-residue performance, PAM is also perfect for use on your skillets, baking pans, cookie sheets, spatulas or mixing bowls for extra-easy cleanup. No matter how you use it, PAM helps you pull it off.
PAM continues to create new products to make your life easier, healthier and tastier. 

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