Leiman Schlussel's Gift Package Department has been operating in the gift market for many years.
We specialize in providing original and creative gift package solutions for organizations and businesses.
Among our customers: high-tech companies, workers' unions and plants, banks, mobile phone companies and government bureaus.
Our Gift Package Department meets our customer's employee welfare needs, such as gift packages for holidays, birthdays, employees' children, business customers, departments, conventions, etc.
Leiman Schlussel places an emphasis on giving added value to the gift package and not only pack delicious sweets. We combine a wide array of packaging solutions, from stylized carton packages which in themselves look like a gift, country-style and festive baskets and decorative houseware.
Each package is customized to the customer's needs.
The price range is flexible, so we can find a solution to any budget.
Leiman Schlussel's products are kosher-certified by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. We can also provide Badatz-certified gift packages upon request.
Our absolute advantages are reflected in the following features:
  • Quality - a wide range of the finest international and Israeli products  from fine chocolates, wafers, cookies, candies, nuts, etc.
  • Advanced distribution network - temperature-controlled trucks assure that the packages are shipped to the end customer in perfect conditions
  • Excellent service - We provide a personalized service and end-to-end solution to address any special needs that may arise.
  • Giving back to the community - We have not forgotten where we come from and the importance of giving back to the community. We therefore work on a day-to-day basis with Hameshakem, an association dedicated for arranging employment for the handicapped, which helps to package the products and prepare them for shipment.

We invite you to check out our range of gift packages and contact us for advice or a price quotation.